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Join New Zealand's Fastest-Growing Labour Hire Team and be involved in the future of recruitment.



From our values-led leadership to our trustworthiness in business, we're setting new standards in the recruitment industry.


Join a company at the forefront of reshaping recruitment in New Zealand. Be part of a startup on its way to becoming a future giant.

Job Satisfaction

Dive into roles that offer challenges and growth. We're the 2nd fastest-growing company in NZ, committed to building the best team for success.

Industry-Leading Earnings

Competitive salaries and unmatched performance incentives. Let's compare how we stand out.

Career Growth

We offer a clear path to success, free from glass ceilings and politics, focusing on talent density and fast progression.

Team Culture

Join a young, ambitious team with a work-hard, play-hard ethos. Enjoy a supportive and fun environment that drives success.


Our leadership and business practices are rooted in strong values, fostering trust and a positive impact.

Lead the change with 
New Zealand’s fastest-Growing Labour Hire Company

As the 2nd fastest-growing company in NZ last year, we're on a journey to becoming the nation's top labour hire team. The best businesses are built on the foundations of an exceptional team, and we believe in fostering a culture where the best team with the best support leads to unparalleled success.

Earning Potential

Before you consider another role in recruitment, talk to us. Discover how we stand out with competitive salaries and performance incentives that truly reward your hard work and success.

Meet our team at Hirestaff

At Hirestaff, our people are our greatest asset. We believe in fostering a culture of diversity, support and recognising the dedication of our team members. Join us and be part of a team that's making a difference leading the charge in the recruitment industry.


in Deliottes “fast50” list of the fastest
 growing companies in NZ for 2023.

What our staff say about us

“I have been with Hirestaff for almost 2 years, with little to no experience or knowledge about recruitment. Our directors, Cat & Jonny, took a chance on me and invested time into my personal growth and development-from finding the right talent and placing them into jobs, mastering the sales process "find a temp, place a temp," to winning new business and growing my desk...”

Vernon I Senior Account Manager

What our staff say about us

"The pure dedication our team has is backed by the continuous supporting nature of our Directors, Jonny & Cat. Through my time here at Hirestaff, we have been nominated for some massive awards, and recently were crowned the "Best Emerging Business” in West/North Auckland 2023, plus Fastest Growing Services Business in NZ, and 2nd in the Deloitte's Fast 50."

Tim I Senior Account Manager

What our staff say about us

“I was given the opportunity to work with Hirestaff with little recruitment experience. Jonny and Cat taught me the ropes and helped me build a very successful desk of loyal clients and I have had up to 50 workers out on long term jobs. I’m very grateful for everything I have learnt and the relationships built during my time at Hirestaff”

Hayley I Senior Account Manager


Successful Job Placements

Career Growth Without Limits

At the heart of our success is a focus on talent density and creating an environment that promotes rapid progression and outstanding results. We empower our team with the tools, training, leadership, and routines needed to unlock their full potential. Our career and onboarding pathways are designed to ensure you start succeeding as quickly as possible.

Vibrant Team Culture That Drives Success

Our team ethos is centred around a balance of hard work, focus, ambition, and enjoyment. With a work-hard, play-hard mentality, our young and ambitious team strives for excellence while maintaining a supportive and fun environment.

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