Get reliable staff fast

Get reliable staff fast

Recruiting staff can often be expensive and time consuming. Writing job ads, filtering through applications and interviewing candidates can take time, that you often don’t have. Even when you’ve found the right candidate, you’ll then have legal paperwork and other processes to go through before they can start work on site. Hirestaff can help with your search for temporary staff by taking care of the full recruitment process in finding the right people to be part of your temporary workforce.

Save time

Using a labour hire company, like Hirestaff can help you find staff quickly. When project timelines are tight, enlisting the help of a labour hire company can allow you to focus on the job, and not focus on hiring staff. Hirestaff can help you plan for fluctuations in workload and meet tight project deadlines. We will help with the end to end recruitment process – from advertising the job, screening and interviewing candidates right through to paying wages and holiday pay.  We will get to know your project, the requirements of the job and find you the right staff as quickly as possible.

Save Money

Your workforce is one of the biggest costs to your business and during low periods, the last thing you want is people on your books not working. Using temporary staff is a great way to keep your workforce levels appropriate based on your workload throughout the year. During the busy times, you can up-weight your staff numbers and hire temporary workers through Hirestaff. When the workload drops or projects come to an end, you can simply let Hirestaff know and we will reallocate the staff to another client or job.

If you’d like to hire temporary workers for any of your current or upcoming projects, make the recruitment process easy and get in touch with the Hirestaff team. Our team will respond quickly and work through your recruitment needs. We will ensure a quick hiring process and provide the most reliable staff for your projects.

Contact us now by emailing hello@hirestaff.co.nz

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